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Here's Former Wide Receiver Ed McCaffrey's Super Cheesy Motivational Speaker Video, Featuring Ed's Thoughts On 9/11

It would be a slight exaggeration to say McCaffrey compares breaking his leg to 9/11 (see about 3:45 in), but he does say the two events are "forever linked together," which—correct us if we're wrong, anyone out there who immediately thinks of Ed McCaffrey's 9/10 broken leg on Monday Night Football every time they think of 9/11—may not be true for anyone but Ed McCaffrey. But solipsistic historical associations aside, this one is a good time: from scenes of Ed McCaffrey miming and rapping early on to random cuts from his many commercials, this video is front-to-back excellence. It appears to be a pitch for his services as a corporate motivator from around 2010 ("I'd love to the chance to speak to your company, motivate your sales staff, kick off your next corporate challenge, or inspire your employees to make health and fitness a priority in their lives!"), so excuse us while we file as an LLC and book Ed McCaffrey.

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