Here's How Fox Avoided A Fine From The FCC Last Night When Nate Diaz Flipped Off Benson Henderson

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This isn't the first time Nate Diaz has flipped off an opponent in the middle of a match, nor the first time he's shown his propensity for flipping people off—that's what Nate and his brother Nick do. Those guys just love flipping the bird. Nonetheless, Fox was caught off-guard, unless the contingency plan all along was "cut to silent prematch footage of an empty octagon," in which case, plan well executed. It made for a weird broadcast, but these things are expensive, so cut to whatever b-roll footage you've got.

It didn't work entirely, though—our own Tim Burke was able to capture this wonderful screencap, which means that our nation's children were exposed to the middle finger (in the midst of this bout between men beating each other half to death) for long enough to be permanently scarred. Do your worst, FCC. These monsters have to learn somehow.


Henderson won by unanimous decision.