President Trump’s call for NFL owners to get rid of “son of a bitch” players who chose to demonstrate during the anthem drew a ton of backlash from the sports world yesterday, and today, the players who were the focus of those remarks had their chance to respond before their games. Almost every team playing in the 1 p.m. games performed some show of unity during the anthem (at the very least by locking arms), while dozens of players took a knee. Here are images from anthems around the league:

Buffalo Bills (Notably LeSean McCoy)

Denver Broncos

New Orleans Saints

Miami Dolphins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns

New England Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers, who all stayed in the locker room except for U.S. Army veteran and offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva.

Some NFL fans, who found these protests disrespectful, reportedly responded by booing in multiple stadiums.

Update (4:45 p.m. ET): Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt sat on the bench during the anthem, while tight end Travis Kelce took a knee.

Los Angeles Chargers

Update (8:40 p.m. ET): For the Sunday night game, a large portion of Oakland Raiders sat for the anthem:

While several from Washington kneeled, and others locked arms—including owner Dan Snyder: