This video is two years old, but since Josh McCown is suddenly one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL, it deserves to be shared.

This is the work of XXXChurch, which appears to be a very Christian anti-porn activist group. Here we have Josh McCown telling us that watching porn is just like getting on an airplane and landing in a city that you did not expect to land in, because porn can take you "somewhere that you weren't expecting to go." Um, I guess?


I'd like to try and deconstruct McCown's analogy a bit, but I'm a little rattled by his admission at the end of the video: "There's times that I've sat at my computer looking at something, going through websites before, and sittin' there going, 'Wait, where am I? Who is this guy?'" I think this means that Josh McCown has spent time watching bestiality porn. That's fucked up, Josh.

h/t Chase