Here's Karen Sypher, Seconds Away From Blowing Her Lawyer

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Sypher's former lawyer Dana Kolter testified that they had an "intimate relationship" before he threatened to sue Rick Pitino as part of her extortion plan. Jurors were then shown photographs of Sypher and Kolter engaging in oral sex.

Sypher's got a way about her of meeting men in the strangest places. With Tim Sypher, it was at the abortion clinic. With Lester Goetzinger, it was when he came to her house to install the gas. And with Dana Kolter, it was when he pulled out of a parking spot she wanted.


That's what jurors heard in Kolter's testimony Friday, plus much much more. Kolter, a married man, started an affair with Sypher in 2006, even as she pursued divorce proceedings against Pitino assistant Tim Sypher — with Kolter as her divorce lawyer.

On Valentine's Day 2008, she came to his office in "an outfit appropriate" for that holiday and performed oral sex on him, during which he said she agreed to be photographed, he testified.


These are the first three photos entered as evidence:


The last photo, you'll have to use your imagination. Here's an aide:

Is that your abdomen?" Kuhn asked Kolter, showing one of the pictures to the jury.

"Unfortunately, yes," Kolter said.

Karen Sypher sat silently at the defense table as the pictures were displayed, showing no sign of emotion.


Ed. note: This is something we'll gladly reach into the burlap sack of scuzz money to acquire: $2,000 to anyone who can produce the "abdomen" photo of Karen Sypher performing oral sex on her former lawyer in his office. Anonymity guaranteed.