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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bill O'Brien just concluded a stand-up routine coaches' caravan tour around Pennsylvania. Yesterday, he addressed whether he said "fuckers" or "fighters" on live TV after the Nittany Lions' season-ending win against Wisconsin. Turns out even his mother thought it might not have been "fighters."


In the video above, O'Brien draws laughter when he tells the crowd he did indeed say "fighters." But he also gives a sarcastic look from the podium, adding, "That's what I said." He's clearly making light of what was a funny situation, as well he should. Then, to take the gag a step further, he assumes the voice of his 80-something mother and includes her thoughts on this televised exchange. That Bill O'Brien, I tell ya, he can really work a room in DuBois.

[Fight on State, via Ben Jones]

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