The Jacksonville Giants smashed the ABA's scoring record tonight by beating the Columbus Riverballers 211-84, breaking the record they set last year in a 206-102 win over the Georgia Gwizzlies.

211's also believed to be a world professional basketball scoring record, according to the broadcast.

This ABA shares nothing but a name with the one that merged with the NBA in 1976, and this is Jacksonville's second year of existence in the 12-year-old "new ABA." The current ABA features a ridiculous 86 teams, which might explain why some of the teams—like Columbus—appear to be made up of rec-league scrubs. But still, they're getting paid, and it's pro basketball, and the world has a new record.

Riverballer Darius Walker had some choice things to say on his Twitter account after the game:

I had bout 12 turnovers. Got my floater blocked by a 7 footer.
But we play da same team friday in col. I bet its gone b a different story
Niggas was leavin me by myself to dribble thru a press with niggas grabbin me like it was prison ball


Keep that chin up, Darius! [WCWJ]