Here's Umpire Jerry Meals Trying To Avoid To A Ball And Instead Incurring The Wrath Of Yankees Fans

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The New York Yankees are not getting along very well with Jerry Meals. Last week, the New York Daily News compared Meals to legendary goat Jeffrey Maier, and the usually robotic Mark Teixeira was moved to say Meals's out call in the ninth was "terrible"—he even said, " "Sometimes you wonder if the umpires are just trying to get out of there," which shows a fair amount of personality, I guess. The botched call even precipitated a manager-beat writer throw down.

Last night, Eduardo Nunez hit what likely would have been a double, had it not hit the shit out of Jerry Meals and ricocheted into the infield. No one really knows what would have happened next had Nunez been standing on second, but Derek Jeter reached on an infield single in the next at-bat, and Yankees fans were not thrilled the run didn't come home. A brief sampling, because they're all the same:


Yep, sounds about right. The (currently tied for first in the AL East with Baltimore) Yankees play the final game of their series against the Rays at 4:05 p.m. (EST). Meals is on duty yet again, and will hopefully make some sort of infuriating error to complete the trifecta.