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It's a three-day weekend so things are going to be a little looser than usual around these parts. Especially today. At 12 p.m. I'll be doing a live chat in the comments section. Bring your questions, your ire, your cookie sheets.

Oh that girl up there is Urban Meyer's daughter. It appears she's become the latest obsession with some of the rub-and-tug crew. Congratulations to Frathouse Sports for rummaging through Flickr accounts and watermarking those photos.


Today we'll also bring back some Deleted Scenes. But as single posts. So it'll even be more confusing to people who don't know the deal with #deadspindeletedscenes. The goal is to get some sort of formula in place before the redesign happens and all our lives are turned upside down. You remember Deleted Scenes, right? It's where we post some of the unverifiable sludge that invades our in-box which we have no desire to track down whatsoever. Stuff like this:

so word on the street (or by the guy who used to ref D-II games, D-I practice games and ate breakfast occasionally with C.J. Spiller) says that urban meyer isn't leaving because his wife won't leave because she is banging the some trainer at the fancy dancy ymca that I guess is expensive and exclusive in Gainesville connected to some hospital.

Thats what I heard, have fun


* Social media promotional stuff. Yes, you'll be asked to join Twitter/Facebook/Newsletter just because we're doing that sort of thing now. I'll try to reward you with something for taking the time to do it.

* Special guests. They may come, they may not. You'd be amazed at how many people are drinking right now.

* For you ladies (or men): An opportunity to win a date with the Crashtern, Dave Matthews, who's sorely underpaid so I'm trying to compensate him by getting him laid. All are welcome!


Again, I'll be live-chatting at noon. No questions are off limits. And good morning. It's a three-day weekend so I'm playing another goddamn song just because I feel like it. Let's enhance our shaky credibility.

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