Here's Video Of A Seemingly Drunk-Off-His-Ass Jerry Jones Making A Bad Joke

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Something called The Blast has acquired an old video that shows Cowboys owner Jerry Jones making a groan-worthy joke to a fan who had stopped him at a Dallas hotel and asked the nutty old coot—whose beet-red face and unsteady speech suggest things about his level of inebriation—to wish his new wife (or maybe fiancée?) well:

The video, which was recorded sometime in 2013, starts with Jones looking into the camera and addressing the wife or fiancée in question. (In a shocker, The Blast’s reporting leaves much to be desired as to the background facts here.) “Hey Jennifer, congratulations on the wedding—wedding,” Jones says. He continues with “Now, you know he’s with a black girl tonight, right?” before the camera pauses a beat, pans over to a black man standing next to the phone-wielding videographer, and the three men laugh and soon after part ways.

Because of the lack of background info in the article, it’s a little difficult to parse what exactly is going on, but the bigger-picture issues seem pretty clear. The man who filmed the video is white, per The Blast’s reporting, as is the woman Jones addresses. Clearly Jones meant his comments as a joke, and it’s a pretty gross and tired one about how the woman should be, I don’t know, especially threatened or grossed out by the idea of her partner adding some miscegenation to his joked-about adultery. Still, outside of it being a bad, gross joke, I’m not sure if by itself it’s all that revealing of any deeper sentiments of Jones’s that we could’ve already surmised before this.


The Blast did manage to get some information on why their source chose to publicize this video now:

Even though the video was shot four years ago, we’re told the fan recently shared it with his group of friends because he thought the current temperature of race in the NFL and the country made Jones’ comments relevant. The friends were shocked after seeing the footage.

It was sent to The Blast because the individuals involved thought it was important for NFL fans to see. The source we spoke with said, “F**k Jerry Jones.”


While the video doesn’t seem to be on the level of the audio recordings that took down Donald Sterling, it’s still interesting in its own right. For one, it’ll be fascinating to see if or how this plays into the burgeoning civil war Jones is reportedly in the midst of waging against Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL. But more than anything, the video is yet another glimpse into the wild, embarrassing, seemingly alcohol-fueled lifestyle this walking zombie of a man is somehow still able to maintain at his age. The 75-year-old Jones seems to be a perma-sloshed hunk of decaying flesh who can’t help but say dumb shit every time he opens his mouth, and in a weird, sordid way, it’s almost impressive that he’s kept it up for this long.

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