Your morning roundup for May 12, the day old coot Yogi Berra will come up with something witty to say about turning 82, even though he's only 81.


• The Miami Heat scored the final 16 points of last night's game against the Boston Celtics, a game they ended up winning by 10, thus advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. And now, for understated observations:

Wade and James hugged on the court, surrounded by cameras and an arena surging with energy. Last summer, they came together to beat Boston and now, with Boston defeated, they came together to celebrate. All around them, an arena danced with joy at what was envisioned so long ago and was finally realized in the Heat's home arena against its nemesis. [Miami Herald]

The man embrace was brought to you by Black Sports Online. And that boss picture of Chris Bosh was brought to you by tipster Negativo (and ESPN).


• The Thunder took a 3-2 series lead on the Grizzlies in 27-point decimation fashion. If plus/minus was an NBA-centric stat, Thunder guard James Harden was a remarkable +29 while his Memphis peer O.J. Mayo delivered a -24. Game 6 will be played Friday night in Memphis. OKC Coach Scott Brooks recognizes the challenge ahead.

"We have to play well. We have to do a lot of things well to beat them on their court." [The Oklahoman]


• OMG, Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols "shared a brief bear hug" with rival Cubs GM Jim Hendry before Tuesday's game. Consequences will never be the same [ESPN]. In related news, Tony LaRussa got sent home with the shingles [Riverfront Times] and, last night, the Cubs throttled the Cards 11-4 [Chicago Tribune].

• Rays pitcher David Price went into Cleveland and ended the Indians 14 home-game winning streak with the greatest of ease. [The Plain Dealer]

• The Phoenix Coyotes are staying in Glendale! The Phoenix Coyotes are staying in Glendale! And all it took was five of seven Glendale City Council members to vote aye on throwing $25 million the team's way. [Arizona Republic]

• Barcelona won its third consecutive La Liga title yesterday. Mourinho wept. And blamed the referees.

"I'm very happy because it's been a very tough title," Lionel Messi said after the draw. "It's taken a lot of hard work to be champions and more so against a great rival like Real Madrid." [Guardian]


• Hey look, Lenny Dykstra's limo driver is droppin' dime: "In an exclusive tell-all interview, Scott Engel sat down with Lenny Dykstra's limo driver in an effort to find out what the enigmatic ex-All Star has really been up to the past few years." [The XLog]

• Hey look, Lenny Dykstra is too: "Amid his legal woes, Dykstra decided to tell his side of the story through The Post." [New York Post]

• The girls golf coach at an Iowa high school got charged with suspicion of drunk driving. This happened while she was transporting the team somewhere. At 7:55 a.m.

At 7:19 a.m. Tuesday, a note appeared on the phone from his daughter, Elizabeth - a member of the team.
"Ohh myy goshh susie is going to kill us! She cant stay on the road! So in case this is the last time i talk to you i love you! :)" [Des Moines Register] (H/T JR)


• And now, Seattle Seahawks Raheem Brock and Chester Pitts fill their lockout downtime by "Crankin' the NFL Commish." []

• Watch a little kid get hit the head with a baseball that he just hit with his bat. [Bob's Blitz]

• On Tuesday, Rogers Sportsnet on-air host Damian Goddard was all (paraphrased) "I support hockey agent Todd Reynolds in opposition of that fashion guy Sean Avery's gay-rights thing." On Wednesday, Goddard was all looking for a new job.

"Mr. Goddard was a freelance contractor and in recent weeks it had become clear that he is not the right fit for our organization," the sports giant's communications director, Dave Rashford, said in a short statement. [The Star]


• A 24-year-old jockey who once rode the horse which finished second in Saturday's Kentucky Derby was found dead in his car at Churchill Downs on Tuesday. There were no signs of foul play [L.A. Times]. But, he was facing a cocaine charge. [Fox Sports]

• It's 1990s First-Baseman Week over at Pitchers & Poets. So, culture yo'self.

My choice for first baseman of the 90s is easy: Mark Grace. The best first basemen have a certain grace. They may be slow (which Grace certainly was), but they shouldn't be lumbering. Grace was smooth and elegant both at the plate and around the bag, rarely made mistakes and had the most hits in the majors during the decade. [Pitchers & Poets]


• The Houston Dynamo of the MLS proves it's really no better than an Arena Football League franchise in taking the smack-talk billboard route to try and concoct a rivalry with the team in Dallas. [MLS Soccer] (H/T Jacob L.)

• Here's video of a Japanese soccer player getting a red card within five seconds of the start of a match, which may be (or among) the fastest red card(s) ever. [Sport Post]

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