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Here's Video Of Newcastle's Danny Simpson Unconscious and Bleeding After A Late-Night Street Fight

Perhaps Danny Simpson is best known as a former Manchester United youth player, or as the boyfriend of a pop star and X Factor judge, rather than for his soccer skills. Now he can be the Newcastle defender who got knocked out outside a Manchester club late Saturday night! Surely that's an accomplishment.

Simpson, who's been out with a broken toe since December, got into the scrape outside a food place soon after leaving the Circle Club, where he had been hanging with Man U. players Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck. According to The Sun's eyewitness report, Simpson started one fight before getting caught up in another.

A witness said Simpson looked like he had "had a few" when he arrived at the takeaway, adding: "He was definitely drunk.

"Then him and this guy started getting aggressive with each other.

"They started scuffling. The man was pushing and shoving Danny and he just lost it. He punched him and he dropped to the ground.

"Someone pulled him off the man. Everyone in the takeaway was saying, ‘Danny, you can't do that - you've got to leave'."

Simpson did leave the Rice Flamebar and Grill in Manchester city centre - but only after another heated exchange with two off-duty bouncers. The witness added: "Danny got in a taxi outside but the two bouncers rushed over and opened the door.

"There was a girl there trying to calm the situation and telling the taxi to take Danny home - but one of the bouncers dragged him out then punched him in the face.

"He dropped to the floor and was half on the pavement, half on the road with blood pouring from his mouth."


A second witness says Simpson "was hammered and was mouthing off. Danny was making sure everyone knew who he was. He kept hassling girls and making a real nuisance of himself."

Simpson spoke up on Twitter this morning, and he wants you to know he could have handled things if he hadn't been outnumbered.


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