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Here's Why Canada Should Lose Its Baseball Privileges (with update)

Meet Brent Bowers, manager of the Edmonton Capitals of whatever the Golden Baseball League is.


He's the type of guy who'll get thrown out of a game for "performing a 'stinkfoot' holding up a shoe to an umpire and pinching his nose." Before you join Team Brent, know this: He's also apparently the type of guy who will say, to an openly gay umpire, "I ought to kick your ass, you faggot." Classsssssssy talk from a bear of a man.

According to [umpire Billy] Van Raaphorst's official ejection report, obtained by the Sun, Bowers screamed profanities at him, made sexually explicit comments and at one point bent over and grabbed his own ankles.

Van Raaphorst, who is openly gay, claims Bowers yelled, "You know what I heard? I heard you are a faggot. The rumour from several managers and people at the league is that you are a fag."


When the league suspended Bowers for a meager two games, fellow umps stood by Van Raaphorst. The league reportedly convinced them to call off a boycott and threatened their job security should they speak out.

"Gotta give you the old no comment on that one," said Capitals spokesman Ryan Frankson.


UPDATE: Just got word that Bowers got fired. Via Apologies to all you angry Canadian-commenters. I knew I should've sat by the Golden Baseball League news feed just a bit longer. Found a mouse in my bottle of Elsinore and had to remedy the situation, though.

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