Hero At Scene Of Philadelphia Fire Drops Burn On Nelson Agholor

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Photo: Emilee Chinn (Getty)

Three people were hospitalized and 10 people were displaced by an overnight fire at an apartment building in West Philadelphia. But the reason you’re reading about this particular local news report on this here sports website is because a man who came upon the scene and literally began catching children being thrown from the burning building described his heroics to CBS 3 Philly by getting in a dig at Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor, who lost a fumble and dropped two passes during Sunday’s home loss to the Lions.

Say hello to Hakim Laws, who told CBS 3 he’s a former firefighter who was walking past the building around 2 a.m., when he saw flames shooting from the windows on the second floor and decided to pitch in.


“I see a guy hanging out the window screaming that his kids were in there,” Laws said, per CBS 3. “My man just started throwing babies out the window. And we were catching them—unlike Agholor and all his mishaps.”

Watch for yourself. The money quote comes at the 1:19 mark:


Here’s another, lengthier clip of Laws’s interview:

This being Philadelphia and all, Laws’s reaction to the Eagles game was still somehow more charitable than this guy’s.

h/t to Steve Lindsay