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Jets receiver Santonio Holmes doesn't seem like he'd be a lot of fun as an employee. He takes excessive celebration penalties and gripes the rest of the time. But maybe he's a lot of fun as a boss!


Here's Craigslist, announcing a job opening as a "Blog Editor for Hot Start-up":

Soletron is a lifestyle social networking, blog, and e-commerce site with over 300,000 page views per month. Owned by Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes, we are ranked in top 99.7% of all sites worldwide on traffic. Having been featured in: CNBC, Reuters, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Business Insider, this is a great opportunity for you to further your career in editing and to get involved with one of the hottest startup companies out there.

You will have the opportunity to interview rising stars, manage a team of bloggers and get in at the ground floor of a fast growing company.

Applicants must have prior editing experience.

Whoa! Maybe you think you'll just be writing search-engine-optimized glorified ad copy about sneakers, but ... well, on second thought, you're probably right. But still! Santonio Holmes!


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