Hey, Craig Kimbrel! Don't Worry, The Internet Has Found Your Wallet

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According to one reader, Kimbrel's Wednesday night did not get any better after his disastrous meltdown against the Philadelphia Phillies. Let's recap the rookie closer's part in eliminating the Braves from playoff contention:

Then it was the ninth and the kid closer entered to do as he'd done all season. Instead Craig Kimbrel, who'd blown two saves this month, blew another by slinging the ball around like a bad point guard. He yielded a leadoff single to Placido Polanco, walked the bases loaded, saw Chase Utley drive home the tying run with a fly ball and walked Hunter Pence to boot. The bulletproof bullpen had been hit.

After the game our tipster says a foul-tempered Kimbrel left the ballpark, hit some bars in Buckhead, and proceeded to drink himself into oblivion. Lucky for him he still managed make a new female friend and she invited him back to her place. He obliged. Obliterated and agitated, Kimbrel didn't last too long at the young lady's pad but still managed to forget his wallet, the tipster said. This is the photo she took of it, which has made its way to Facebook. Kimbrel should really get in touch with her quickly and make arrangements to get his wallet back so they can both move on from that miserable evening. I hope he remembers her name.