Hey, David Garrard Was Just Kidding About Playing QB This Year, You Guys

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Now that the Raiders want him, it turns out that Garrard's needed surgery since training camp, reports Jay Glazer.

Tweets Glazer, "David Garrard just called me and told me he needs immediate surgery on herniated disc in his back. Garrard has been in a ton of pain for from training camp injury and MRI showed herniation of L4-L5. Says he wanted to be upfront with OAK."


According to the Deadspin staff spine specialist, herniation of L4-L5 can cause a foot drop, which involves paralysis of the lower leg muscles and dragging of the foot. Bad stuff. And it's "theoretically legit" that Garrard could have needed urgent surgery two months after the injury.

So, all of this is to say: Boller time rages on!