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•Twenty-four hours of basketball might be over, but Elliot Williams is going to be seeing this game for a long time. A contested 3 at the buzzer clanked off the rim, and Kansas escaped with their reputation sullied, but not their record. Memphis probably shouldn't get too excited, as within 5 years at least four of these players will probably be under investigation for some kind of violation. (Thanks to Russell for the screengrab.)


•With Larry Johnson gone, at least the Chiefs' skill players are all upstanding citizens now, right? Oh. Dwayne Bowe, four games for flunking a drug test. Gotcha.

•Here's a neat little list of the top 25 highest paid coaches. Some fun notes: four of them are college coaches, one of them a baseball manager, and of the top 11, only Phil Jackson isn't a soccer coach. You can click through, but you'll have to trust me they're not MLS coaches.

Brendan Shanahan calls it quits after 21 seasons, leaving just one active NHL'er who played for Hartford's final season: JS Giguere. I guarantee you'll win a bar bet with that bit of trivia. It's what Shanny would have wanted.

•Puck Daddy finds some incredible video of a Swedish goal celebration going horribly wrong, with flying bodies and broken glass, and for all I know this is par for the course in Sweden. And holy cow, did the hockey fans all wake up from hibernation? Two hockey notes in a row. Let this be a lesson to you soccer fans, if you tip us, we will post.


Elizabeth Lambert, who was public enemy number one for those two days we cared about women's college soccer, says she's sorry, and it wasn't pent-up sexual aggression. Seriously. She said that.

•Another day, another Volunteer arrested. This time it's Nyshier Oliver, busted for swiping a $110 polo from Dillards. Before you laugh at risking a scholarship on Dillards - The Style Of Your Life! - remember that this is Knoxville, and anything resembling luxury goods are at least two state lines away.



You might have noticed a new tag on this post. We're trying something different, so this is your new wake-up call. Not that I advocate any of you waking up at this hour; it's ungodly. But let's see what happens. Change doesn't have to be scary.


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