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Illustration for article titled Hey Look, A Michigan Fan Getting Maced In The Face [Update: Video]

We're not exactly sure why this is happening, but then, isn't it more beautiful that way?


Of course, if you've got video of this happening (at Penn State, yesterday), let us know.

Image via Getty/Justin K. Aller

Update: Reader Bryan writes in with some details of what this idiot was up to:

Hey Guys,

I was sitting in the section next to this guy. He was standing for every play with his buddy and became confrontational with those around him. The people behind we're getting pissed and some lady actually had enough and hit him. Mid way through the 2nd after Michigan had scored he started taunting everyone and it looked like he was about to start a fight in the stands. Security came up and escorted him down to the front when he grabbed the railing and refused to leave. He ended up talking some swings at the state police who were arresting which is why he got pepper sprayed.

My only regret is not getting it on video for Tuesday night fights.



Update 2: Now with video! A reader named Ryan sent in this video, which starts just after the first of three mace sprays hit.

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