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Anybody out there looking for a job? As long as you're not a voyeur or anything, you too can work for ESPN Page 2.

No, seriously: There's an ad for a "general editor" at Applications will be required to "plan, coordinate, edit and publish content for's Page 2," "a basic appreciation of popular culture, e.g., 'what's cool'" and be able to adequately organize Bill Simmons' Tivo. ("Sir, can we please delete this "Making The Band" already? Please?")


Seriously, though: We've been looking over the requirements for this job, and we can't think of a single Deadspin commenter who isn't at least partly qualified for the job. We encourage all of you to apply. We wouldn't mind having a guy/lady over there on the inside, if just to find out how much everybody laughs everytime Bayless files something.

ESPN Page 2 General Editor [Journalism Jobs]

(UPDATE: For those wondering, that photo is from the infamous "24 College Avenue" serialized novel by Jim Caple.)

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