Hey NFL, explain this to us like we’re 5: Why are y’all O.K. with Aaron Rodgers’ fine being cheaper than CeeDee Lamb’s?

An untucked jersey will cost you $20K, but endangering the masses is a bargain at $14K

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Who should have been punished more? CeeDee or Rodgers?
Who should have been punished more? CeeDee or Rodgers?
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You can’t make this sh*t up.

In the latest episode of “How The F*ck Did We Get Here?” NFL analyst Chris Simms brought to light one of the greatest hypocrisies to take place in a league that prides itself on being bewildering, as Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb is paying more in fines for untucked jerseys than Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is for willingly lying about not being vaccinated.


Check out this breakdown of Lamb’s “crimes” from The Sporting News.

  • Socks too low vs. Buccaneers (Sept. 9): $5,150
  • Untucked jersey vs. Eagles (Sept. 27): $5,150
  • Untucked jersey vs. Panthers (Oct. 3): $15,450
  • Crackback block vs. Panthers (Oct. 3): $10,815
  • Taunting vs. Patriots (Oct. 17): $10,300

While the stupid ones on the Internet will point to Lamb being a repeat offender, it’s still hard to fathom that the NFL has fined one of its best receivers $20,600 for his jersey being untucked and another $5,150 for his socks. And to make things worse, according to ESPN, Lamb will have to pay a $46,350 fine if his jersey is untucked again. In total, Lamb has already been fined $46,865 this season.


And then there’s Rodgers…

Joe Rogan’s BFF, who uses MLK quotes because his white fragility has convinced him that he’s the victim of cancel culture, could be back under center for the Packers this week when they face the Seahawks, after only missing one game and paying a measly $14,650 fine for violating protocols when he lied about being vaccinated. Rodgers returned to the scene of the crime — The Pat McAfee Show to offer a weak apology. “I made some comments that people might’ve felt were misleading. To anybody who felt misled by those comments, I take full responsibility for those comments,” he said.

Luckily enough, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stepped up to properly explain the damage that Rodgers has done.

“What’s especially bothersome is that Aaron Rodgers didn’t just lie and threaten the health of those around him, he also damaged professional sports,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote in an essay on Substack.


Here’s some more from Kareem:

“Many athletes make a lot of money on product endorsements, which depends on the public’s favorable perception of athletes. In 2020, global sports sponsorship was worth about $57 billion. Yet, every time a pro athlete like ... Aaron Rodgers does or says something stupid, the public trust in athletes lowers and sponsors might consider avoiding players in favor of actors, pop stars, or social media influencers. Steph Curry and LeBron James don’t have to worry, but some up-and-comers might not get the same opportunities.

“Rodgers’ ignorance regarding the science of immunology brings back to life the old stereotype of the big dumb jock. His utter lack of even the most basic knowledge and logic is shocking.”


Someone somewhere will label CeeDee Lamb as one of those dumb jocks due to the amount of money he keeps paying for breaking the league’s uniform policy.


Because the NFL is O.K with giving out stiffer punishments for untucked jerseys than they are for someone who was selfish, reckless, and careless about the health of others during a global pandemic. Rodgers is actually the dumbest jock of them all.