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Hey, Stupid Sports Radio Guy, You Owe This Man $100 [Update]

Last year, some dumb sports radio guy in Denver named Darren McKee did a thing that only a dumb sports radio guy would do: he bet reader Charles $100 that the Ravens would make the playoffs this year. Now, with the Ravens' season having ended without a playoff berth, it appears that McKee is not a man of his word.

Charles wrote to us looking for some help claiming his bounty, and he is mad:

This isn't a Aaron Rodgers big deal but similar situation. After the Super Bowl in February here in Denver we were still shocked by Rahim Moore's boneheaded play. But in the days following the Super Bowl there was a local Sports talk host who was going on and on about how great Joe Flacco was. He even at one point said he would take Joe Flacco over Peyton Manning for the upcoming 2013 season. Quick over view of this local sports talk show host. His name is Darren Mckee aka Dmac. He started in Denver radio on a Rock FM station before he was fired and almost beat up by the program manager. He went missing for several years before popping up on the 104.3 the Fan night show in Denver. For some reason this shock jock got a spot on Sports radio talking something he know nothing about…sports. Fast forward and someone this fraud has gotten on the biggest afternoon show with Alfred Williams. He has a media pass and attending Denver Broncos practices. He talks what he says and paints Black and white solutions to his everyday show. He always bitches about player integrity and doing what is right. Anyone who actually knows sports knows this is a guy who simply keeps the show going. Any who, he was going on and on about the ravens to the point I tweeted him over twitter (my handle is @whatthechuck303) and told him basically stop this non sense and I bet you a $100 Ravens don't make the playoffs. I didn't think he would even acknowledge my tweet but he did and took the bet. I tweeted him again to confirm this was an actual bet which he agreed. (his handle is @dmac1043) he then made another bet with a former co-worker Joel Klatt that the Ravens wouldn't make the playoffs. To which I tweeted again saying don't forget out bet Dmac, He acknowledged our bet again. Fast forward to the end of the season, after the Ravens lost to the Bengals I begun to tweet Dmac saying don't forget our bet. He won't acknowledge me now. I text the show and get no response. I am asking for your help to put this clown on blast for not owning his word and treating us little listeners as nothing he need to pay attention to. Please Deadspin, I can provide the pictures of the tweets as I still have them. Help me collect this bet from this local clown.


We're happy to help. But first, proof that a bet was made:

Seems pretty cut-and-dried to us! Charles has spent the last few days trying to get McKee's attention on Twitter, to no avail:


And yet, no reply. And Charles tells us that McKee's made no attempt to contact him so that the bet can be settled. So we would like to deliver the following message to Darren McKee: Honor your bet, jerkface.

Update, 7:26 pm: Looks like at least someone in the family knows how to settle a bet.


Update, Jan. 8, 4:49 pm: McKee paid up! Charles writes in:

Two things I learned from this whole thing. Spell check and the power of the internet is huge. After getting word of the article. Dmac started his showing talking about it. He invited me to call him and I did. He invited me to the station. He put me on the air and was actually a cool guy even though I am sure he hates me. He offered my nuggets tickets or cash to which I said I'll take the strait cash. My twitter followers almost rose by 100. I have gotten some nasty tweets but most are supportive. Thanks for the help and the lesson to pre read something that could be placed on a national website.


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