This is Elhadji Tacko Fall and he is enormous. To be specific, he is 7'5" and his doctor says he could grow a couple more inches. CNN did a report last week on the Liberty Christian Prep School senior, who is said to be the tallest high school player in the country. He is also two inches taller than Hasheem Thabeet, the tallest player in the NBA.

We learn a lot about the 18-year-old—he wears the same size shoe as Shaq, he wants to be a biochemist, and he's too big for a desk at school—but the major takeaway is how absurd he looks approaching and walking through doorways.

Here he is showing off his wingspan (and how absurd it is to walk through doorways), which is eight feet.


And here he is next some ant-like classmates while also leaving the absurdity of walking through a doorway to the imagination.

I'm not even sure that girl who cranes her neck up as he passes can actually see his face. Elhadji Tacko Fall is tall.