Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

High School Kids Now Refusing To Take Shots From Less Than 80 Feet

Only 90?: Blah blah....high school kid....blah....90 feet....blah blah....buzzer beater....blah blah blah... Call me when players start scoring from the upper deck. [Total Pro Sports]

Do I need a slide rule for this?: I was just thinking that the real problem with the NFL's QB rating is not enough high level math. [Kotite's Corner]

Resistance is futile: Have you heard? ESPN owns sports. Just be glad they haven't foreclosed on your TV. [Long Beach Post Sports]

Need more BBQ sauce?: What is wrong with the Nuggets? I mean, besides the fact that they will always be the Nuggets. [Denver Stiffs]


His love is real: David Beckham will one day own the MLS. He wouldn't be caught dead playing there, of course, but he's willing to buy a team or two. [SportsBiz Blog]

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