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High School Reunion Horror Stories: Ambulance Fight

This weekend, so-called adults will have awkward high school reunions all across America. We asked you for your worst high school reunion horror stories. We're publishing our favorites during the holiday. Here's one, from reader Vince Barnett.

My five-year high school reunion was held at a local bar. The night started off innocent enough. Everyone arrived, gave the usual fake hellos and "how are you" conversations. My friends and I, still thinking it was high school, thought we were the coolest kids there.


There was an open bar, so, naturally, as a 22-year-old, I thought it was my duty to try to drink the entire bar. I had not graduated from college yet, but that didn't stop me from telling people I had recently started law school.

The next thing I remember is waking up in back of an ambulance as a fight is breaking out. Was I in the back of the ambulance because of the fight? Oh no: I was in the back of the ambulance because apparently trying to drink the entire bar had caused me to pass out in a chair in the lobby. When no one could wake me, they called the paramedics. The party was upstairs at the bar, so I could've easily been removed without too many people noticing. But as all of this was happening to me, my buddy felt the need to punch some kid in the face. Not too sure on the reasons for the punch, but most likely it was unjustified.

So since the fight is breaking out just as the paramedics are strapping me to a gurney, the entire reunion pours outside and witnesses me being taken away in an ambulance. For good measure, my buddy ends up getting beat up and arrested. So we walked in thinking we were the coolest dudes there. And we left in an ambulance and a cop car.


Image: Monkey Business/Stockfresh.

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