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High School Wrestlers Wearing Pointed Hoods Lynch Rival In Effigy

Here we have a few members of a high school wrestling team from Phillipsburg, N.J., posing for a photo that has caused quite the shit storm in the local school district.

The kids, who wrestle for the Phillipsburg High team, are posed with a hanging effigy that's wearing a wrestling T-shirt from rival school Paulsboro High. The effigy in the noose just so happens to be black, and two of the Phillipsburg kids are wearing demonstrably pointed hoods that evoke KKK imagery. So, yeah, not a good photo.

The Phillipsburg superintendent issued a press release this afternoon, claiming that action has been taken against the students in the photo. The Paulsboro superintendent called the photo "insensitive and unfortunate," and says he expects the Phillipsburg students to be disciplined.

The only silver lining to be found here is the hilarious comments that have been left under the story about the photo. This one is my favorite:

Only for those that are looking for it. If I wanted to I'm sure I could find racist images in my daughters Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book.

Take that, race-baiters!

h/t John


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