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Hirshey Quickie: Let's Hear Your Best Names For Becks' Show

David Hirshey writes regularly for Deadspin about soccer.

Given that we were experiencing a national day of mourning—I mean, James Brown and Gerry Ford had four legs between them but never received this kind of love—-it was a half-decent showing in the Name David Beckham's Reality Show Contest. But we're not quite ready to name a winner yet.


In honor of Barbaro again, we've narrowed the field to five and we'll let the people decide. We've expanded the original prize list to now include a pint of Barbaro glue in addition to Beckham's autobiography and a wax likeness of Will Leitch. (Ed. Note: Wax likeness comes with real hair!) Remember to vote with your hoof, not your heart.

Hirshey Quickie: Becks' Reality Venture [Deadspin]


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