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Hmm, Hard To Believe This Kid Turned Out To Be A Twit

Like many of you I suspect, I got my first look at Andrew Giuliani during his dad's mayoral inauguration speech in 1994. As my grandfather always said, "You get the kids you deserve." (Abe Vigoda there in the background in photo No. 2 does not look amused). You probably know by now that Andrew is suing Duke University for booting him off of the golf team. But why was he kicked out? Here are some great quotes. According to a story in the New York Post, Giuliani was an "entitled" bully who pretty much got what was coming to him.

One of the first things Vincent did as coach was meet with each of the 13 players for four to five hours to go over the "very thick athlete code of conduct," the source said. Each player agreed in writing to obey the rules. But Andrew soon became disruptive, teammates said. "There was a lot of bullying," the source said. "I guess the guys didn't dislike him; they were cautious of him. He just kind of got a little pushy." Andrew was accused of hurting two teammates in a football game and allegedly threw an apple at a teammate, sparking a fistfight. "When I heard he was kicked off, I knew it wasn't the end of it," said teammate Eric Schultz. "Andrew's the kind of guy to take action." The suit accuses Vincent of trumping up charging, including that Andrew threw and broke a club. Andrew claims the club just snapped as he leaned on it.


When Chris Farley depicts you in an SNL sketch, I guess you have a reputation to live up to. Although Andrew always reminded me more of Syndrome:

Teed-Off Rudy Son 'A Bully' [New York Post]

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