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Hmm, Who Would Win A Fight Between Herschel And Spurrier?

There's not much more ironically amusing than Steve Spurrier lecturing someone else on sportsmanship, but he's been going after Georgia recently for their big touchdown-pile-on a few weeks ago. He said he'd have sent in a third-string Gamecock to start a fight, therefore getting a bunch of Bulldogs suspended. Clever, Spurrier, but there's one thing you didn't count on: Herschel Freaking Walker.

Yep, the former Bulldog star is ready to rumble with the Ole Ball Coach.

"Well, you know, is that not insulting? That's totally insulting for a coach of his stature to say something so stupid," said Walker, getting angrier by the syllable. "So my question I say to him is, if he's got that much guts, why don't he step in a ring against me? You don't say something that silly, because you're going to get somebody hurt. Georgia was punished, because that's a penalty. They didn't go out to hurt anyone. [Spurrier] talks about hurting somebody. How much guts do you have? Step in a ring with me, and then we'll see."


Whatever your thoughts about Spurrier — or Walker, or Georgia, or just violent mayhem — it's pretty impossible not to enjoy the mental picture of a Herschel Walker-Steve Spurrier battle royale. Maybe Daniel Snyder could officiate.

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