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Trick question, it's both. Steeve Ho You Fat is the actual name of a person playing basketball in France and it's making us giggle like big, dumb morons.

We have Slade Sohmer—who decided to check out some hoops while spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Paris—to thank for the introduction to Steeve Ho You Fat. Former Tarheels Sean May and Jawad Williams were supposedly playing but it was Cholet Basket's French Guianese power forward, Ho You Fat, that entertained.


As far as we can tell, this is not a nickname like He Hate Me or a name-change situation like Chad Ochocinco. Ho You Fat just happens to sound funny to us, just like one of our typical names—say, Mike Lupica—might sound like words that mean "toilet drinker" in another language.

Here's a Ho You Fat dunk. We are all seven years old.

Steeve Ho You Fat may have lost to Paris-Levallois by nine, but we are all winners here.


Photos via @SladeHV

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