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Hockey Dad Who Heckled Child, Made Threats While Holding Infant Reportedly Also Cheered When Kid Got Hurt

Father of the Year candidate Jason Boyd, whose caught-on-video outburst at a youth hockey game in Winnipeg we told you about yesterday, didn't just stop at calling a player "a midget" before threatening the boy's father, all while also holding a child in his arms. Nope. Boyd's behavior allegedly got even worse. He's a true hockey dad!


The CBC says Boyd later took things a step further with his taunts toward young Emerson Kitson, whose father, Chuck, had been on the receiving end of Boyd's threats:

Later in the game, Kitson's son Emerson broke his arm. Kitson said Boyd's outbursts continued even after that.

"He celebrates again. It was hard to watch. These are kids on the ice," said Kitson.

The hockey game involved 15-year-olds. The youth hockey association is taking steps to get Boyd banned from the rest of its playoff games this season. Boyd's family has reportedly said Boyd has apologized, but Kitson said he's gotten no apology.

[CBC, h/t to Mike H.]

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