Hockey Fights Are Always Better When The Goalies Get Involved

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Your morning roundup for Nov. 29, the day we learned the Pedobear is dangerous. Video of fight from Russia's Kontinental Hockey League via Huffington Post. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: As soon as MNF got out of reach for the Giants, I had to turn it off. I do enjoy a Madden-like pummeling, but I can't always put up with the insufferable gushing from Jaws and Gruden. So I turned to Homeland, a new Showtime series, which is two parts creepy and seven parts euphoric—or, just creepy enough to keep me from sleeping comfortably.



Hit the road, Jack: "Jack Del Rio has been fired as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to team sources. The Jaguars, who are 3-8 heading into a Monday night game with the San Diego Chargers, plan to announce the move at noon Tuesday. Del Rio was the second head coach in the team's short history, replacing Tom Coughlin in 2003. He finishes his Jacksonville career with a 68-70 record, last leading the Jaguars to a winning record in 2007 when the team was 11-5. His teams were 1-2 in postseason play. Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is the leading candidate to take over the team on an interim basis." [ESPN]

Giants lose, NY Post resorts to poetry: "A carefree night at Café du Monde, Brees all but taking a few bites of a beignet, then making the best possible decision and best possible throw. A legitimate Super Bowl contender schooling a Super Bowl pretender. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, remember. Manning and Coughlin, who uncharacteristically lost a pair of coach's challenges in the second half, have remembered their past and haven't been able to do much about it. A fast start. A spineless finish." [NY Post]

Your How To Make A Bed With Hospital Corners Interlude:

Let the fawning begin: "Murray is the most compete back the Cowboys have had in a long time. He's more complete than Emmitt because he came out of college with more polished skills in the passing game, both as a blocker and receiver. What made Emmitt special was his running instincts. You won't see five backs in your lifetime that had that natural feel for daylight when the ball was under his arm." [AP]


New Yorkers, go to this: "Faced with a lost NBA season, The Basketball Jones are hittin' the road for a five-week, 10-city tour called TBJ: No Season Required. Our eighth stop: New York! On Tuesday, Nov. 29th, come out to see a *FREE* live recording of The Jones' audio podcast, meet the guys, and, hey, have a drink or two with us. Guests to include: Yahoo! Sports' writer Adrian Wojnarowski and College Humor comedian/actor Amir Blumenfeld." [Facebook]

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