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Hofstra Pride

1. What's in A Name? The team nickname was The Flying Dutchmen forever, and then it was changed to Pride in 2001. There was actually a bit of an uproar over this change, with many "well-educated" Hofstra alumni worried that the athletic teams would now be "gay" ... because, you know, Flying Dutchmen is WAY more masculine.

2. As You Could Probably Guess, The Mascots Are Odd Too. Known as Kate & Willy. They ve gone through some transformation over the years, but they still look like they got booted from the badass "Pride" that used to roam the streets of Long Island. Of course, the streets of Hempstead aren't a place you want to be just hanging around, so maybe they're better off hanging out at Hofstra USA.

3. They're From The Helmet Head School Of Coaching. Taking a cue from the Jay Wright Era, the coaching staff goes to great lengths to make sure their hair will not move at all during a game, or through an entire season. It has been proven successful, though, as Wright s staff got Speedy Claxton to the Big Dance (and the NBA), and there s a good chance that Loren Stokes will have the same fortune ... as long as DEP continues to be the Official Hair Gel of Hofstra men s basketball. — Jay McNaughton

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