Tomorrow is technically an "off day" for Gawker media, but we'll be intermittently posting some stuff that will hopefully keep those of you trapped at work for a few hours occupied. Lots and lots of pictures.

And now here's this: One Andy Hutchins, whom many of you knew around these parts as RockYouLikeAnIracane/Rockabye/incessantly needy boy from Florida, decided to curtail his usual late night masturbatory message board habits for a short period of time to write something of substance about the new Deadspin (and Gawker) commenting page which I'm told will launch on Tuesday. Andy stumbled upon the easily-sniffed out "stage" (Gawker is not NORAD) versions of the sites, which offer a preview of how the new system will work. He then provided a helpful step-by-step breakdown of how it will impact readers, commenters, Deadspin, the state of sports media, the Iranian election, the BCS, and anything else that cluttered his frighteningly active mind at 4 a.m. on a Wednesday, a time most young men his age are usually fast asleep with multiple co-eds on top of them. No, not Andy (never!).

Aside from the couple hours of annoyance he caused Gawker editors yesterday, he actually provided a good mock-up of some of the things we'll all have to deal with starting next week. So look it over and marvel at his industriousness. All told, it was a great post in its service presentation and its gamesmanship. Cheers, sir. One can only hope his parents recognize his new-found maturity and finally let him drive a car at night.

Tomorrow: Lots of galleries and quicklinks and any breaking news not related to hot dog eating contests or fireworks.


Saturday: Gourmet Spud offers up his Canadian ass to entertain you. You know what I mean.

Sunday: Idiot Barking Dog.


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin during my first year. Yes. That happened.