Hot Piece Of Ass Who Quit Job Was Probably A Stunt

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Today, all The Internet wanted to talk about was Jet Blue Guy's zany escape from employment—or the press's red-faced descriptions of how the police found him—and all of a sudden Dry Erase Board Girl came out of nowhere. She's fake.

The story goes that "Jenny" grew tired of her boss "Spencer" and his casual misogyny after he referred to her as a "HPOA" while on the phone with a client. HPOA—meaning Hot Piece of Ass—is a funny term, but it seemed believable enough. Frustrated as she was, "Jenny" emailed a series of pictures containing white board messages to "Spencer" and her officemates announcing that she was quitting and that her boss played too much Famville. Ha, Farmville! What a loser! That'll teach him to degrade a young woman! It was clever. The photos turned up on The Chive. Everyone cheered. We wanted to believe it was true. But Peter Kafka's interview with the brother duo behind The Chive on All Things D might confirm it's all a bit of japery, perhaps even the whole website.


The brothers were behind a Donald Trump big tip hoax several years ago, and aren't giving their whole story right now, but saying that they will sometime tomorrow morning. In the mean time, bookers for major television network are jockeying for position to get her on Jay Leno or Kimmel as soon as possible.

So, it's probably all a big publicity stunt for some product or TV show that no one will remember a year from now. In an unrelated note, my stock in Amalgamated Dry Erase And Associated Permanent Marker is doing really well today.


UPDATE: Possibly real but possibly fake casting notice!

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