Houston, We Have A Compound Fracture

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As someone old enough to remember seeing "The Theisman Incident" on live TV, I like to consider myself an aficionado of horrifying bone-melting leg injuries. If you were watching the gridiron donnybrook between Houston and Marshall last night—and really, why would you be?—you witnessed one that will certainly get its own page in the "I can't look, no I must look!" scrapbook.Early in the second half, Cougars WR Patrick Edwards was overthrown on a deep route to the back of the end zone, where he abruptly met a small metal wagon that was inexplicably parked just a few feet beyond the end line. Um ... he was a little "shaken up" on the play.

Edwards is a freshman, so he'll probably, you know ... walk again, but we don't think that marching bands made any friends last night. Someone might even take a shot at another Stanford trombone player this weekend, just to send a message. • Get The Band (And All Of Their Worthless Crap) Off The Football Field. More Importantly, These Stupid Carts [Fan IQ]