How Are Those Steroid Guys Doing, Anyway?

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During the whole steroid frenzy of last year, baseball caught a bunch of guys you'd never heard of and didn't think much about: Jorge Piedra, Mike Morse, Rafael Betancourt, so on. No one cared much about these guys, but hey, baseball was GETTING TOUGH.

Anyway, blog Steroid List has taken a look at how last year's bustees are doing this year, and the answer is ... well, maybe they should get back on the juice.


Reds pitcher Ryan Franklin and Twins reliever Juan Rincon are still producing at a high level, but just about everybody else is either in the minors or out of baseball entirely. Perhaps the most surprising is Matt Lawton, who was a two-time All-Star and, at the time of his steroid bust last year, expected to play a part for the Yankees in the postseason. Instead, he was released by the Mariners in May and now appears to be, for all intents and purposes, retired.

Jason Giambi seems to be doing all right for himself, though.

Statistically Speaking: Steroid Users Currently In The Bigs [Steroid List]

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