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How Billy Packer Solved The O.J. Simpson Murder Case

When most people hear about a sensational high-profile criminal case, they usually leave the solving of that case to the professionals. Billy Packer is not most people.

Packer was recently interviewed by the Best Damn Sports Show Podcast, and they wanted to fact-check some of the more outrageous claims that appear on Billy's Wikipedia page. (Packer, of course, has no idea what Wikipedia is.) It turns out they are pretty much all true, including the story that he hired a psychic to try and find the murder weapon in the O.J. Simpson case.

First of all, is anyone really surprised that Billy Packer doesn't own a computer? Second of all ... WTF? What makes a person think it's a good idea to take it upon themselves to solve the most public murder case in history? (Probably the kind of person who believes in psychics.) Packer doesn't even hesitate to explain that he paid for a psychic to try and pinpoint the the location of the murder weapon, that he took that information to the police, and then when he was obviously rebuffed sent his own sons out to God knows where to try and dig up the knife. And this isn't the first time he's done it! (He also did it for the Katie Beers case, which was a famous New York kidnapping from 1992.) Take that, Angela Lansbury.


Tell me again why Packer isn't announcing college basketball for CBS anymore? The man is a certifiable nutcase and if that's not a recipe for quality color commentary, I don't know what is. You think Clark Kellogg would ever pull a stunt like that? I miss this guy already.

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