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How Did This Personalized Note From Kevin Durant End Up On The Floor Of A University Of Texas Bathroom?

Homer Rainey Hall is an unassuming administrative building in the middle of UT's Austin Campus. It largely contains offices for professors in the school's language department, but today it contains a mystery.

Jared is a grad student with an office on the second floor of the building, directly next to a bathroom. This morning, he was using the men's room, as men tend to do, and noticed a piece of paper on the ground just a few feet from the urinal.


"I usually don't pick things up off of lavatory floors," he assures us, but curiosity got the best of him. He was hoping it was "a juicy break-up letter" or even a suicide note, but it was something much, much better.

I'm happy you recognized me on campus, haha.

Take Care and Enjoy Life! \m/ Hook Em

Kevin Durant
OKC Thunder
UT Longhorns

The signature sure looks like Kevin Durant's. But how on earth did it end up in a lightly-trafficked restroom in a building mostly devoid of classrooms? Surely it must have been dropped there recently—Jared says the restrooms are cleaned daily, and a Kevin Durant autograph wouldn't remain unpocketed for long. But Durant and the Thunder had a home game last night, and another tonight, and there are no mentions on Twitter or otherwise of Durant visiting UT campus today.

Jared says he's more than happy to return Durant's note to (presumably) the UT student who dropped it. So if you met Kevin Durant today, and he wrote you a nice little letter, and you no longer have possession of that letter, give us a holler. We'll try and reunite you with your treasure.

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