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How Douche Was My Alma Mater?

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With their liberal use of dirty girls and shirtless gods, GQ certainly knows how to bring in the eyeballs, but they have outdone themselves again with their latest listicle: "America's 25 Douchiest Colleges." No, you suck more!


While the top 10 is naturally dominated by those stuffy Ivy League tools, most of your favorites are represented. Texas, Arizona State, the OSU, Our Lady of Catholic Touchdowns. And yes, of course. The Blue Devils. We are talking about a school that makes you sit through a 12-minute "comedy" sketch about James Bond—in which the actor playing James Bond cannot be bothered to fake an English accent—for a two-second glimpse of Jon Scheyer and Coach K pretending they're with the cool kids. Are you sure you only want to rank them No. 2? (Numero Uno was Brown. They don't give out grades or something.)


Anyway, while we think we've had enough of all the vinegar and water references, this linkbait is the perfect way to piss off a certain segment of the population and I can certainly support that. Today, we beat up on a 12-year-old and reminded the world about that guy who jacks it in libraries. I think our work is done here.


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Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and dooshbags everywhere. Barry P, who always has that fresh feeling, will be here soon. Stay wet, my friends.

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