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How In The World Do They Make A Movie Of "Moneyball?"

Illustration for article titled How In The World Do They Make A Movie Of Moneyball?

In what seemed more inevitable two years ago than it necessarily does now, screenwriters are hard at work on making a movie out of Moneyball. While some of the main characters — Jeremy Brown, Scott Hatteberg, Chad Bradford — have faded in time, there's still that plumb role of Billy Beane to account for, and some big names have expressed much interest, including George Clooney and Vince Vaughn.


Dirty Laundry Blog looks at the rest of the cast of characters and tries to decide who'd be a good fit. We particularly like Jeff Daniels as Art Howe (poor, duped, kinda dumb), Superman Returns' Brandon Routh as Jeremy Brown and, our favorite, Paul Giamatti as Bill James, in what they describe as the "Lester Bangs in Almost Famous character." That makes absolute sense to us, though we still think somehow Charlie Sheen needs to be involved.

Oh, by the way, as much as we love the book, we can't imagine a scenario in which the movie isn't insufferably boring. Good luck, screenwriters!


Casting The Moneyball Movie [Dirty Laundry Blog]

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