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On the eve of All-Star Game festivities, where everyone will conveniently ignore that Yankees Stadium is one of the most unpleasant venues in all of sport and was gutted in the early '70s - in an attempt to make it look like a wondrous relic worth cherishing - we get a jump on the House That Ruth Built nostalgia by looking at all the pennyante bullshit Yankees fans are willing to spend a small fortune on, like, say, hundreds of dollars for a pinch of dirt.

The current home of our editor emeritus, Will Whatshisface, had a right fine feature showing how the Yankees had a huge part in spurring the sports memorabilia market and how bombershit crazy fans will pay any price for any nostalgia-burnished garbage from the stadium.


One of the most telling quotes comes from famed boxing writer Bert Sugar, who bought up and has sold off a great deal of items from the pre-renovated Yankees Stadium, saying "There’s no rationale—it’s like the art market." Then, of course, on the graphic on the final page, there's a $200 price tag on a urinal.

Marcel Duchamp would be proud.

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