How Neil Leifer Shot His Most Famous Boxing Photos

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You've seen Neil Leifer photos, obviously, and probably heard him talk about his work some too. But Sports Illustrated has a hell of a collection up, with hi-res images of Leifer's best boxing work, like the overhead of Ali-Williams that Leifer counts as his favorite, to go along with text and video of Leifer explaining his work.

SI is apparently going to make this a habit, highlighting the work of its best photogs over the years. This sounds awesome, obviously. Give the full piece a read—Leifer isn't so much a boxing wonk as a guy who's been around longer than hell, so he's got a bunch of stories like the time he went down to Ali's place to shoot him as he recovered from Ken Norton cracking his jaw, and ended up getting a shot of him slurping tapioca pudding for the cover.

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