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How Not To Tease An Article About The Missing Malaysian Airplane

Noooo! Why would you do this, KETV? Combining a fake disaster with a real disaster was a terrible idea!

The Omaha news station tweeted out the above photo with its story on the numerous theories on what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, a plane that still hasn't been found. Someone took a promotional photo from Lost, the TV show about a plane that crashes on an island, and 'shopped in "FLIGHT 370." It's facetious and insulting.

Let's go over this. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was an actual plane that mysteriously vanished, along with its 239 passengers. Lost was a fictional show about a plane crash that ran on television for far too long and had a vague, underwhelming ending. When you say, hey, what if that missing Malaysian airplane is viral marketing for Lost or write dumb shit about how the inexplicable disappearance of the plane is providing an entertaining mystery for the rest of the world—dumb shit that will not be linked to—you are being tacky and dickish about 239 people who are most likely dead. Stop doing that.

Here's a screencap of the full tweet, which was deleted:

H/t to Richard Deitsch

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