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What you are about to read sums up everything that's boneheaded about corporate America — and it all begins with a swivel chair. Read, weep, and learn.

In short, a major energy company recently had an employee injure himself when his swivel chair collapsed. The injury was severe enough that he took some time off from work — one day, actually. OSHA came in, inspected the situation, then issued a citation to the company for "not properly instructing employees how to sit in their chairs." Then the company's health and safety manager sent out a company-wide Power Point presentation to all employees, demonstrating how to properly (and safely!) sit in a swivel chair. (The summary is featured in the top graphic.) Not long after, the prideful president of this energy company stopped by the local Ruston, La., branch for a visit and walk-through. And what did he find? Well, read on:


Granted, it's nice that this president has decided to throw his "weight" around to prevent even the most mundane of workplace incidents, but let's re-read that section again.

So take heed, office drones. Your flouting of swivel-chair safety guidelines is the real reason there are thousands of oil-drenched birds floating in the Gulf of Mexico right now.

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