Dear local television producers: If you insist on assigning a reporter to do an on-camera spot from outside an event like a Justin Bieber concert, don't have her play it straight. Don't have her ask stupid questions that elicit nothing but squeals of joy and shouts of excitement. Don't have her show viewers what they've known about gatherings like this since Sinatra was fronting for Dorsey at the Paramount Theater. Don't have her do what any mannequin with a microphone can do.

No. Have her do this. Have her do what CSN Philly's Sarah Baicker did for The 700 Level at last night's Bieber show at the Whatever Bank Name Center. Have her gather a few teenyboppers around, and have her ask what they think of Bieber stepping on the Blackhawks' logo in Chicago, or for their take on the Eagles' quarterback situation. It'll be every bit as insightful as any NFL pregame show, but with much more genuine laughter.


[The 700 Level]