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How To Get Free Seats Close Enough To Touch LeBron (But Please Don't)

In 2006, Milwaukee's Drew Cieszynski attended a game in every major league baseball park. OK, even though it's pretty cool, it's also been done. But who has achieved the rare MLB-NBA road trip combo? This year, Cieszynski caught a game at every NBA arena, somehow managing to keep a full time job in the process. Not only that, but upon hearing of his quest, every NBA team ponied up free tickets, merchandise and other goodies. Well, all but one, that is. Guess which NBA franchise was the only one to tell Cieszynski to get lost?

It only got better with each new city. There were photo ops with mascots and the teams' hot dance squads, free shirts and hats, local television interviews and on-court introductions to the crowd. And with the sole exception of the Boston Celtics, who blew him off, Drew never had to pay for a single game ticket for himself or his traveling companion, which most frequently was his Milwaukee girlfriend, Adrienne Bryl.


Stupid Rich Gotham. Anyway, if Cieszynski's timing had been a little better, right now he could be head coach of the New York Knicks.

I can't imagine that this is the first time that someone has visited every NBA arena in one season; but it's probably the first time that someone has blogged about it so extensively. It actually looks like he had a great time.

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