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HS Baseball Coach Cuts Double-Amputee Pitcher; Quickly Becomes Worst Human Ever

This young man is Anthony Burruto, a sophomore at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando and an aspiring pitcher. Burruto was born without a shinbone in his left leg and without a fibula in his right, and doctors amputated his lower legs when he was just a baby. He's been playing baseball since he was 8 years old, apparently quite well, and in 2008 he made the cover of ESPN Magazine. Back then, as a Little Leaguer, opposing coaches wouldn't allow players to bunt against Burruto as it was difficult for him to get off the mound and field the ball. But that's what made Dr. Phillips head baseball coach Mike Bradley cut him after the second day of tryouts this month.

What a week for rather inconsiderate high school coaches! This is unfortunate, but 23 other kids didn't make the team this year, all of whom probably had their major league ambitions set back a few steps as well. But of course, as the Orlando Sentinel astutely points out, Burruto "is the consummate teammate. If somebody is slacking off, all Bradley needed to do was point at Anthony and say, 'What's your problem?'"


Yes, the coach could have pointed at the disabled teenager on a regular basis. That's always a good reason to fill out a roster.

Cutting amputee pitcher Anthony Burruto shows no heart at Dr. Phillips High [Orlando Sentinel]

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