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In the Nebraska spring game, Red inserted an undersized but plucky tailback by the name of Jack Hoffman for a crucial fourth-down carry. It's worth mentioning that Jack is 7 years old and has suffered from brain cancer, and because the good folks at Nebraska realize what a bullshit deal it is to be 7 and to have brain cancer, they did the one thing well within their power: They handed off to Jack and helped him take it 69 yards to the house.

This display of humankind's capacity for empathy and love alas inspired some lowlife to troll the video's page on YouTube (naturally). In fact, as of this writing, two people have seen fit to assign a thumbs-down to the video. The only upside to this sort of slurking is watching well-meaning Huskers fans fall headlong into this simplest of traps. Hereforth, decent human beings' comments in response:

Who downvotes this stuff? I almost teared up from joy seeing this!

Whoever downvoted this video needs to get a life!

how are there multiple dislikes??!?!?!? i mean really?!??!?

How the hell would you dislike this!?!?!

The two that disliked this video to to hell

Some people just have no class...or heart.

How could you make a bad comment on this?

What kind of sick fuck would thumbs down this video?

But, in case there was any question,

That was the most fucking cutest thing ive ever seen

Nebraska fans, just remember: Do not feed the trolls. Oh, and work on your secondary. It appears to have some serious holes.


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