I feel like I've seen enough "Lazy Sunday" parodies to last me for the rest of my life. I appreciated the original SNL bit as much as anyone, but at some point, it turned into nothing more than a license for young white people to make their own rap videos. Rarely will any good come from that.

But a couple of Mavs fans put together their own parody, and, I've gotta tell you... the execution here is damn solid. I mean, you have to admire any two guys who make a YouTube music video that features them "breakdancing," admiring Erick Dampier's guns, riding down an escalator with their arms around each other, and, as Mister Irrelevant noted, feeding each other cotton candy. Mark Cuban should find these guys and hook them up with some free tickets. If, indeed, the Mavs get another game at home this year.

Mark Cuban's New Rap Duo [Mister Irrelevant]